How national and regional authorities can catch up with global best practices from source to pay

In most countries around the world central and local government, and government agencies, have been under pressure to “do more with less” while meeting increasingly stringent directives and regulatory frameworks. 

They are looking at how technology can improve front-line delivery from various perspectives.

In doing so they face a variety of obstacles that are absent, or less challenging, in the private sector, such as: 

  • The electoral cycle makes it difficult to plan ahead 
  • Fear of bad publicity 
  • A lack of clear criteria for evaluating projects 
  • Lack of digital skills and difficulty in attracting those skills

In our white paper, Going Digital in Public Sector Procurement, we examine these issues in some depth and demonstrate some of the actions public sector organizations can take to catch up with best practices in procurement. These include:

  • Investing in procurement skills 
  • Centralizing purchasing where it makes sense 
  • Consolidating spend data 
  • Transitioning to digital supplier and contract management 
  • Implementing a risk management and mitigation strategy 

The white paper is based on JAGGAER’s experience in this sector and many conversations with public sector procurement decision makers.

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