a new procurement playbook


To emerge from the crisis, the financial industry must use this period as an opportunity to accelerate transformation agendas and develop new business models. There is a need to address the strategy, structural and operational drivers of cost. 

The challenge for procurement is looking at how they can instill trust during this time of uncertainty and high-pressure with internal stakeholders, your suppliers and ultimately customers. This has been a call for all procurement professionals to rise to the challenge. 

Join us for our webinar, where we have invited Youness Taghrichte, Head of Procurement from Attijariwafa Bank, leading Moroccan multinational bank to share their transformation journey and together with our expert procurement panel with Jose Carande, Managing Director at Accenture Strategy to explore: 

  • How technology has enabled business continuity and operational efficiencies at a time of uncertainty and crisis
  • Gain a better understanding of the level of risk suppliers are introducing to your business
  • Collaborate and evaluate suppliers for progressive planning to increase service delivery
  • Ensure supplier visibility that is inline with Corporate Social Responsibility goals

Join us for this webinar to hear how procurement in the financial industry can reinvent your processes starting with SRM. You will be joined with Youness Taghrichte, from Attijariwafa Bank together with Jose Carande, from Accenture Strategy and Javier Lopez, JAGGAER for a dynamic panel discussion on supply chain visibility and how SRM will help drive and accelerate trust with internal stakeholders, suppliers and customers. 

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Hear from a panel of procurement experts in the financial sector to learn:

How to comprehensively streamline your existing source-to-contract processes in order to make better decisions and deliver operational efficiencies Discover how Supplier Relationship Management and Supply Chain Risk Management work together in concert to build relationships and deliver true value in your supplier contracts How to gather, utilise and assess risk intelligence to create a true picture of your supply chain's vulnerabilities



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