Mitigate Risk with Holistic Supplier Management

Finding the right supplier management strategies for your industry, categories and different supplier types is critical; but when you have hundreds of suppliers, it becomes challenging.

Taking a holistic approach to supplier management involving key stakeholders across your organization and factors in supplier value, performance and risk data will help you set up your procurement department for success during this challenging time. 

With this white paper you will learn:  

  • How you differentiate between the different types of suppliers: strategic, approved and basic. 
  • Why a supplier’s value and risk to your company are more important than spend volume. 
  • How and why you should involve important stakeholders in supplier management.  
  • Best practices in supplier management in various sectors such as automotive, construction and the public sector. 

How you can evaluate supplier performance and use this as a basis for deciding the right course of action. 

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