Ready or Not, Here They Come

How Tariffs Will Wreak Havoc on Your Supply Chain (And What to Do)

Tariffs announced, tariffs implemented and tariffs still conceptual have caused manufacturers of all sizes to identify “at-risk” supply chains, quickly reassemble and qualify alternative options and in some cases completely shift manufacturing operations.

Manufacturers face a lot of decisions if and when tariffs go into effect: do you absorb the price increase and pass the cost along to consumers? Do you reconfigure or even completely relocate your supply chain to another country? Can you alternatively source domestically? Do you move manufacturing lines to another country like Mexico?

More than ever, it's mission critical for firms to be able to have immediate, up-to-date visibility into their entire source-to-pay process to answer questions such as:

  • What parts/components/assemblies are most at risk, and what am I currently spending on each of these that fall under a tariff?
  • What are my sourcing strategies to consider alternative supply options?
  • How do I find alternative suppliers (and vet/onboard them) as quickly as possible?
  • If I need to rethink my parts/products/assemblies, how do I get an accurate cost model?

In this webinar, MetalMiner founder and CEO Lisa Reisman and JAGGAER Chief Digital Officer Thomas Dieringer walk through a quick tariff outlook, and discuss strategies and tactics manufacturers can immediately implement, along with a discussion around how careful planning and technology can support these fast-moving supply chain configurations.

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