How sustainable and strategic procurement strengthen your supply chain

Responsible and Sustainable Sourcing

Are your procurement goals aligned with your business’s overall values? Increasingly, this means putting an emphasis on corporate responsibility and sustainability.

While sustainable efforts protect brand reputation and ensure consistent ethics across the supply chain, they can also often simplify and streamline supply chain operations, bringing lower prices and improved service levels. Sustainable sourcing is key to maintaining a strong and resilient supply chain. During our webinar ConnXus and JAGGAER will discuss what sustainable sourcing means, as well as tips and concepts to help ensure that your supply chain is sustainable.

In just 30 minutes, you’ll learn:

  • How strategic sourcing and sustainability mitigate risk throughout the supply chain
  • The way that innovative digital solutions (eProcurement) increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your sourcing strategy
  • How to implement strategic sourcing: best practices, where to start, and how to partner with suppliers to foster competitive advantage

Strategic sourcing is key to establishing a responsible and sustainable supply chain. Join Jim Kanir and Jennifer O’Neal Harris from ConnXus and Emily Chandler from JAGGAER to see how your organization can develop a successful strategy.

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