How will AI influence your procurement processes in the future?

Artificial Intelligence in Purchasing

Do you already use purchasing solutions that allow you to make better decisions for your company based on recommendations and algorithms? Is your company prepared for future solutions that will help you reach your full potential?

By using big data along with technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), the procurement function is becoming an important provider of insights and guidance in ever more complex supply chains. This leads to better and more precise decisions with lower costs, but to get there procurement needs to adopt new ways of thinking and acting, as well as new technologies.

In 45 minutes you’ll learn:

  • What Artificial Intelligence is and is not
  • The extent to which AI is already used in procurement
  • How JAGGAER uses AI to optimize purchasing processes
  • Where to go shopping with the help of Artificial Intelligence!

Artificial intelligence is in the process of revolutionizing more and more business areas. To add value in purchasing, companies need to build a technology base and leverage the full range of IT tools! Join Michael Rösch, SVP of Operations, DACH Region, as he walks through this key technology.

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