Risk Management as a Driver of Digital Transformation in Procurement

Featuring Research from the Gartner Report: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Procurement Software Applications

What sounds like a nightmare for many businesses can quickly become a reality: the delivery of key production parts is delayed by months, conveyor belts are at a stand-still, and employees are worried about losing their jobs. Supply chains are becoming more and more complex, and this brings opportunities but also makes businesses more vulnerable. Strategically automating key procurement processes in risk and supplier management can help you protect your business by increasing productivity and reducing costs.

We asked our experts to share their insights and answer the following questions:

  1. What are the first steps for successful digitalization in procurement?
  2. What are the biggest obstacles that today’s procurement organizations need to overcome?
  3. How can procurement integrate Sourcing, SRM and Risk management to generate value?
  4. How will emerging technologies increase efficiency and effectiveness in procurement in the future?
  5. How can procurement benefit from innovations in Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics?

In this expert-led webinar, presented by riskmethods and JAGGAER, we answer some of the most important questions about digital transformation in procurement, with a special focus on risk and supplier management. We show you how to use machine learning and big data analytics to automate critical processes and ensure that you have the supply chain intelligence you need to stay agile and make better procurement decisions in real-time.

Get fresh ideas and new strategies for supplier management and risk intelligence that will help you generate more value in procurement!

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