Wave Goodbye To Operationalism: Making Supplier Management Comprehensive

The Importance of Establishing a Holistic Supplier Approach 

Every procurement professional knows that supplier management is key to their organization’s success. Tracking supplier compliance and performance, evaluating partnerships, and predicting risk can all drive savings, and with companies relying on suppliers more than ever before, the opportunity to increase efficiency has never been higher. By taking a strategic, rather than operational, approach and accurately categorizing your strategic and approved suppliers can drive value while reducing risk.

Join Georg Rösch, VP of Direct Product Management, for our webinar on why supplier management is at such a crucial stage and how you can develop a supplier management program that impacts the bottom line. 

In our webinar, you’ll learn about: 

  • Why supplier management is a strategic operation
  • Positioning suppliers at strategic, approved, and basic levels
  • Calculating risk and value
  • How to assess supplier performance


Get started with your holistic supplier management program with our webinar. Watch now!


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