Online Survey: Transformation Readiness Check

How Does Your Organization Rate on the 2020 Procurement Performance Excellence Scale?  

What is the current state of best practice in procurement? And what should your organization be  doing now to move towards procurement performance excellence?   

JAGGAER has teamed up with the global consulting group, IPG, to help you assess your organization’s transformation readiness. Access the global survey with your personalized password PPE2020 and participate now to receive tailored insights from the experts. 

Take our survey with your password PPE2020 

JAGGAER has developed a Transformation Readiness Check—Procurement Performance Excellence (PPE) 2020 Survey to help you determine your transformation readiness and assess where your organization falls on procurement performance excellence scale.  

This survey allows you to compare yourself to others so that you can identify key performance indicators and improve your capabilities. Recording your performance data is vital to maximizing potential and establishing important benchmarks. 

This brief survey includes questions about your strategy, processes, and technology stack to gain insights in the following key areas:  

  1. Organizational Standing and Composition 
  2. Procurement Strategy and Objectives  
  3. Procurement Processes  
  4. Procurement Organization and Qualification  
  5. Supplier Management  
  6. Technology Management and  
  7. Advanced Procurement and Supply Chain Solutions 


    In exchange for your participation, you’ll receive a copy of our full Procurement Performance Excellent (PPE) 2020 Report report comparing your organization across other worldwide companies. 

    You will also receive other benefits that will help you become a more strategic partner to your organization, including: 

    • An exclusive Benchmarking Reporting comparing your company scores to the average industry values 
    • Advice on how to improve your procurement performance excellence scores 
    • Best practices and suggestions for improving your own supply chain management strategy 
    • An optional on-site consultation with our experts to review your survey results 

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