Drive incremental value through supplier relationship management

Case Study: Department for Work & Pensions (DWP)


As governments at every level face increased scrutiny and decreased budgets, procurement leaders must constantly find new ways to maximise efficiency and drive value. Learn how Strategic Supplier Relationship Management is the key to help unlock value in public procurement from initial sourcing and negotiation to post-award. 

We have invited, Jeremy Smith, Managing Partner, 4C Associates to  share best practice when it comes to Supplier Relationship Management and how ongoing challenges with Covid-19 and Brexit will be changing the global supply chain. 

You will also be hearing from Alan Sheppard, Commercial Directorate, DWP and how they are optimising their procurement processes to drive value through their suppliers. 

In 45 minutes, you’ll learn:

  • What SRM will look like in the "new normal"
  • Taking SRM beyond a process
  • Implementing SRM: the ambition, the reality and watch-outs
  • How government can work collaboratively

Join DWP and 4C Associates in this interactive, knowledge sharing in the public sector and look to drive value through Strategic Supplier Relationship Management

Meet the speakers:

Jeremy Smith | Partner, 4C Associates Alan Sheppard | Commercial Directorate, DWP

Jeremy has over 20 years of experience in procurement with a focus on savings delivery, transformation and change management. During this time he has delivered major international savings projects, transforming organisations outputs from, and approaches to, procurement in the Private and Public sectors.

Alan has an extended career in central government and most recently at DWP. His background is in project delivery and In Life Management where he has experience of both operational leadership and strategy/policy development.




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