Digital Procurement Survey: Making it happen

Intelligent Automation & AI – Delivering what matters to your procurement function

Powering Intelligent Automation to drive your procurement transformation journey and leveraging AI as a value-creator to deliver a competitive advantage. 

Following from our Digital Procurement Survey Report Webinar, we have invited our partner EdgeVerve in the next part of our webinar series to help unlock the power of Intelligent Automation & Artificial Intelligence. Providing practical guidance on how to get started by sharing real-life use cases of how disruptive technology is being utilised in procurement both on a small, test and learn phase through to scalable processes to driver even greater efficiencies and return to the business. 

Having new perspectives for future of procurement by using disruptive technologies like Intelligent Automation & Artificial Intelligence.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to apply Intelligent Automation & AI to your procurement team
  • How it can help deliver better strategic value 
  • How can you position your procurement team as a strategic function with intelligent automation
  • How can AI offer a competitive edge to your business?

Build your roadmap to automation success and win your procurement transformation journey.

Watch now!


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