What to expect from AI solutions in procurement in 2020 and beyond 

Artificial intelligence promises considerable business value for procurement, but excessive hype has caused many procurement leaders to hesitate while investing in artificial intelligence software. According to Gartner: “Seventy-five percent of application software vendor CEOs who participated in Gartner’s Tech and Service Provider CEO Survey indicated the intent to incorporate AI into their products by 2020”.  

To make smart investments and stay ahead of the competition, procurement leaders need to be able to break through the hype and identify AI solutions that align with high-priority procurement use cases, enhance the user experience, and improve supplier loyalty to deliver tangible value.  

Gartner provides an in-depth analysis of the impacts that AI will have on procurement software.
In this report, we believe you’ll learn:  

  • What to expect from the AI procurement solutions of the future so you can plan beyond the hype 

  • How AI will improve decision making in procurement and collaboration with suppliers 

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Gartner Disclaimer: Gartner, The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Procurement Software Applications, Balaji Abbabatulla, Magnus Bergfors, Patrick Connaughton, 14 September 2018 

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